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Beard Foundation
We are thrilled to announce chef Anita is a semifinalist for the 2018 James Beard Foundation Best Chef Southwest! Congratulations to the incredible talent who share this honor, & to the visionary woman who shows us what it means to live spicy.
Houston Chronicle
An artistic touch on Indian street food: Asia Society of Texas taps Anita Jaisinghani for new café in the Museum District
Live spicy this holiday & leave the sides to us. Samosas, mithai pie & more!
our dreamy new dessert
Leave the sides to us!
Houston Chronicle
Pondicheri is #7 on Alison Cook's Top 100 restaurants list for the third year in a row!
Grub Street
"manna for the chronically indecisive...everything you never knew you wanted for breakfast"
Edible Houston
"Our cravings & the foods we eat are an expression of our minds & in our bodies. Once you understand that, it becomes easier to digest your emotions & the foods you eat."
OutSmart Magazine
Pondicheri is #1 in OutSmart's Top 100!
Houston Chronicle
"I want Pondicheri to be what I do for the rest of my life."
Edible Houston
Great read about the Let It Rise culinary internship at Angela House, transitioning women back into society after incarceration!
Join us from March 8-22 for Dining for Democracy! 15% of every Freedom Thali will benefit ACLU of Texas.
Houston Press
"Among Houston's more inspired places to eat breakfast is Pondicheri"
New York Magazine
The very latest in New York’s high-low, ever-eclectic, deliciously inventive foodscape.
The New York Times
"Flour from almonds & ground mesquite pods, seasoned purposefully with ginger, make this a morning pastry without precedent."
Village Voice
New Yorker
This year brought a fresh crop of creative Indian spots. The most promising, and the most improbable, is this Flatiron restaurant and “bake lab.”
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