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Our beneficiaries for 2018!
our little sister café opens this winter in Asia Society Texas Center!
special prix fixe celebrating the launch of Bollywood Kitchen, the newest cookbook by filmmaker Sri Rao!
India meets Texas in our newest pop up: an interactive dinner featuring an irresistible melting of delicacies from the breezy coastline of India with our southern roots!
An interactive dinner highlighting our renditions of the best street foods from India. Be prepared to come into the kitchen & eat off the table! Crab dahi pooris, anyone?
Creating Communities of Health through Fresh Foods
The newest in our pop up dinner series is inspired by the free wheeling Parsi community of India! This 6 course tasting menu will include dishes such as the delicately spiced shrimp patia, a hearty lamb dhansaak stew & Parsi wedding custard, a flan with flavor notes of cardamom, rose water & mace.
By the late 1700's, a large number of Chinese expats had made their way to India & brought with them soy, garlic, the infamous mouth-numbing Sichuan pepper & stir fry wok-style cooking. An ode to the Chinese Indian community, this six-course tasting with drink & wine pairings celebrates this special robust combination of the Sichuan Chinese palate with Indian masalas.
Inspired by the street foods of Mumbai & the fragrance of the Arabian Sea coastline, this pop up dinner in the romantic Bake Lab salutes the NYC of India! A six course tasting with drink & wine pairings, this menu explores some of the world's most vibrant street snacks.
A six course tasting with drink & wine pairings exploring India's influence on Greek cuisine, beginning with Alexander the Great's invasion of India in 326 BC. This menu features the bright flavors of the Mediterranean with our own Pondicheri twist.
A six course tasting with drink and wine pairings exploring the coastal flavors of our namesake, Pondicherry! A French colony until 1954, Pondicherry retains a uniquely French personality that sets it apart from the rest of the nation. This seafood menu pays tribute to this vibrant fusion of French & Tamil flavors.
A six course tasting with drink and wine pairings highlighting the flavors of Kashmir Valley. Tucked into the Himalayan mountains, Kashmir Valley is rich with water, snow & Asia's largest tulip garden. The epitome of Kashmiri culinary art is the "Wazwan", a multi-course meal prepared with a vision of feasting in paradise.
A six course tasting with drink and wine pairings highlighting the flavors of the state of Kerala. This tiny state in the southwestern coast of India is the birthplace of Ayurveda and has been known as The Original Land of Spices since 3000 BC. Think crab, tamarind, coconut, kari leaves, halibut and prawns.
A six course tasting with drink and wine pairings highlighting the flavors of the princely state of Rajasthan.
The cuisine of India is fiercely regional yet reflects a 5000-year history of cultures influences like the Moghuls and the Persians. Persia (modern day Iran) left a profound impact on the way Indians eat today.