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Where to Eat 2017

New York Magazine

"New York has always been a hotbed for a certain kind of expedient, comforting Indian cooking, but thanks to the recent arrival of a whole cavalcade of talented chefs and their New Age restaurants, the options for an exceptional goat curry, say, or tender game birds cooked in the tandoori style, or wheels of roti and naan stuffed with garlic or threads of bacon, have increased in all sorts of dramatic and unexpected ways.  If you feel like sampling variations of these exotic themes under a single roof, then run don't walk to Anita Jaisinghani's eclectic new Flatiron canteen Pondicheri, where it's possible to begin your day with a stack of coconut-flavored pancakes topped with jaggery syrup at 8 a.m., work your way through several braised-goat samosas and a platter of deliciously messy yogurt-and-ginger-encrused masala chicken wings for lunch, and conclude with a dainty tandoori quail appetizer for dinner, followed by a helping of lamb shanks simmered in the rogan josh style, which you can enjoy with an interesting bottle of Wind Gap Syrah from the Sonoma coast."


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