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"Today we celebrate Holi! Growing up in India it was hands down my favorite day of the year.  We got the day off, skipped the shower, took our colors & joyfully hit the streets...anybody was fair game!  My parents went the more elegant route. They would pat each other with a little bit of color & quickly wipe it away, but even they would party into the early hours of the morning, usually ending with binges of bhang, a fragrant cannabis infused milk." 

While we can't quite recreate the insanity or serve bhang just yet, it is an auspicious opportunity for us to welcome spring, make peace with enemies, play together without any concern for caste or ethnicity & eat with abandon!  We'll be serving specials all month long.  


HOLI DOSA  [gf] 
veg [aviyal] or non-veg [chicken]

lentil dumplings with chaat sauces, lotus chips & avocado mash, parsnip pickle, eggplant pickle & raita.    $18




curly fries, lamb keema, chaat sauces    $9



add to your coffee, soda or specialty latte!


miracle  moringa, vanilla & cinnamon
Moringa is called the Miracle Tree of India since it has a lot of properties known to enhance energy, lift mood & cleanse skin.  


moksha  Valrhona chocolate, French coffee extract, cinnamon & ashwagandha
A turbo charged mocha syrup to give you the strength of a stallion & the liberty to be the best version of yourself (moksha means liberation from everything). 
golden  turmeric, mace, ginger, triphala
Earthy, deep & floral flavors.  Antioxidant & anti-inflammatory power dose. 


arose  rose, hibiscus, arjuna [tonic for heart rejuvenation]

crocus  saffron, cardamom & orange blossom
Delicious - tastes like ice cream!