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Community Breakfast 2018

Join us for Community Breakfast, when we donate 50% of our breakfast sales to the featured non-profit!  
HOUSTON    every second Saturday of the month  |  8a - noon

NYC     every second Saturday of the month  |  9a - noon




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Empowering South Asian survivors & families who are trying to break the cycle of domestic sexual violence. 

Daya, meaning 'compassion', empowers South Asian survivors of domestic & sexual violence who are trying to reclaim their lives by offering counseling & advocacy, promoting community awareness & by advocating at the policy level.  Started in 1996 as a volunteer-run, grass-roots level organization with a help line for women to call, Daya's services have grown to include counseling & advocacy, legal clinic, housing assistance, education & job training, translation services & financial assistance toward living expenses.  Daya's approach fosters individual freedom & respect, leading to healthy families & the vision of a South Asian community in Houston that is free from family violence.  


HOUSTON     JAN 13    /    APRIL 14    /    JULY 14    /    OCT 13







Uniting survivors, communities & institutions to eradicate domestic violence & form healthy communities.  

Founded in 1989 by a group of 5 South Asian women, Sakhi, meaning "woman friend" was created to fill a critical need.  In spite of an abundance of religious & cultural centers, professional associations & ethnic-specific groups within New York's large South Asian immigrant population, there was no place for women to address the silenced subject of domestic violence.  Sakhi has a two-pronged approach to address this issue: by creating a safe space with a full range of information, support, services & advocacy for women facing abuse in their lives & by working to inform, engage & mobilize the South Asian community to end violence.  Learn more about Sakhi here.   


NYC     FEB 9    /    MAY 11    /    AUG 10    /    NOV 9




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Rescuing & rehabilitating human trafficking survivors in Nepal, Uganda & the Philippines with the goal of restoring them to  a life full of hope.

In Nepal, She Has Hope operates a rehabilitation home in Kathmandu where rescued women receive counseling, medical care, room & board, literacy classes & become proficient in several craftmaking, seasmstress, cooking & gardening skills through daily coursework.  In 2012, the program broadened to include the Philippines & Uganda.  In all 3 project locations, the organization conducts an ongoing human trafficking awareness campaign to educate at-risk girls, while also providing empowerment for their mothers through craft skill & development.  All proceeds from the sales of their handmade crafts directly support their programs, which can be purchased online & will be for sale in our Bake Lab + Shop during Community Breakfast! 


HOUSTON        FEB 10    /    MAY 12    /    AUG 11    /    NOV 10
NEW YORK      JAN 13    /    APRIL 13    /    JULY 13    /    OCT 12




LGBT center in Houston offering resources, counseling, youth & senior programming, addiction treatment, HIV/AIDS care, anti-violence services, education & meeting space. 

The Montrose Center empowers our community, primarily lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender individuals & their families, to enjoy healthier & more fulfilling lives.  A team of state-licensed clinicians, masters-level therapists, skilled educators, support staff & dedicated volunteers work together to create healthier futures for our community.  Because LGBT persons face numerous health disparities compared to the general population, the Center has embraced an integrated care model with one-stop access to behavioral health & support services, adult primary care, psychiatry & free wellness programs that empower individuals to proactively participate in their own care.  The Montrose Center is also committed to the devel9pment of an LGBT-affirming, affordable, senior housing community.  As the cultural hub of Houston's LGBT community, the Center is "home" to dozens of LGBT-affirming social & civic organizations & offers affordable rental space for meetings & events.  


HOUSTON        MARCH 10    /    JUNE 9    /    SEPT 8    /    DEC 8