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Bye Pancakes: Meet the New Breakfast


"Along these lines, chef Anita Jaisinghani of New York & Houston's Pondicheri wanted to introduce diners to the flavors of India in the morning.  Among many things, her breakfast menu features a thali-style platter of lamb & coconut salad, beet uttapam (a fermented rice & lentil pancake) & even the option for goat brains.  She remarks, "When we first opened Pondicheri in Houston, poeple would say things like, 'What do Indians eat for breakfast? Is it all spicy?  But once we got a following, people began to really appreciate our made-from-scratch parathas, eggs with spices & vegetables, dosas & uttapams.  My goal was to open people's minds & palates up to new flavors, and we did."


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Photo courtesy of Six Dutchess Farm