01. We Love Spices.

From Cumin to cardamom, we infuse all our food with spices, 
some subtle and delicate, some fiery or earthy.

02. Food is Memory.

Memory is being. Eating is remembering. We want you, your family and your friends to share some of the best memories over our food...

03. Non-Traditional Authentic.

Parathas from Punjab to fish curries from Kerala; Vindaloos from Goa and millet rotis from Sindh, our food is inspired from different regions of the sub continent.

04. You Are What You Eat.

We create and cook all our own food, curating ancient Vedic secrets, recipes and techniques, to bring you the most nourishing, vibrant and memorable flavors from India.

05. Quality Is Queen.

We scour cities, farms and ranches for the freshest highest quality and value; which in turn brings quality and value in our life and yours.

06. People Power.

We love our people and foster an environment of kindness, honesty and integrity. Our regulars are our rock stars.

07. All for One.

We do our part, and we hope you will too, to keep the air fresh and pure and the skies clear, blue and beautiful.